How Does It Work?

Well, we made it is easy to get started with learning how to day trade.  By simply attending our Free Intro to Forex Class,  you can get quick overview of Forex.  From there we hold your hand through our beginner level courses where you will-

  • Setup your trading apps
  • Complete Hands-on Workshops
  • Trade on demo account
  • Setup/Fund your broker account

Resulting in you getting qualified to join our Live Trading Rooms and Trading Community.  Simple!

Our FREE Introduction to Trading FOREX Class gives you the best exposure to Forex Trading with an overview of entry level terminology and concepts, concluding with hands on trading using your smartphone and your demo account.


Our App Setup and Tutorial   session is your first step to get familiar with the features and tools of the MetaTrader 4 trading software.  We recommend that you setup any combination of your laptop, tablet, and smartphone for your convenience.

The following Interactive Chart Trading options that are available to you include:

  • 3 Execution Modes
  • 2 Market Orders
  • 4 Pending Orders
  • 9 Timeframes
  • 30 Technical Indicators


Our Let's Learn Forex Together 101 gives you the best exposure to Forex Trading with an overview of entry level terminology and concepts, concluding with hands on trading using your smartphone and your demo account.

Our Let's Learn Forex Together Trading Community gives you the opportunity to trade with an active group of day traders at all levels.  Here you will meet other traders from all walks of life, and get additional support as well.


Life Changing

Learn the skills to create a second income without selling or part time job


Learn your way with us whether you attend a class or login online

Risk Management

Learn how to leverage minimal risk for maximum gains in return.


Learn how to make money in both rising and falling markets

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  Why should I join Raleigh Tradehouse?

There is an infinite amount of information online about trading Forex.  If you are looking for a place that will teach you the basics, answere all your questions, and help you to rely on yourself, then you are in the right place.  RTH is a unique community of traders where you can do just that.

  Do I need prior trading experience?

Our methods work for new and advanced traders, therfore you as a beginner will learn how to read the market the right way, the first time.  As an advanced trader you will get to correct bad habits, ultimately enhancing your trading experience. 

  How much money do I need to start?

Forex trading is one of the fastest ways to make money at home, but starting off you will be using a demo account.  After you are comfortable and consistent with your demo trading,  you will need to fund your broker account with as little as $50.  We will guide you through this process as well.

  How long will it take to learn Forex?

Everyone is unique in how the learn.  You will find that our program accomodates anyone between the stay at home parent to the busy, 40hr work week professional.  You learn at your own pace, and can be comfortable with trading forex in just a few short weeks.

  What is the aim of this program?

Our aim is focused on teaching you how to become a profitable Forex trader, or if you are already profitable, to become more consistent. We want drive one fact home, and that is "A good trader never stops learning".

  Are there prerequisites for this class?

There are currently no prerequisites to take this class. It is designed for beginners to advanced traders. Our instructors make it very easy to grasp the foundamental principles of trading Forex.